Horse Reality

“I play Horse Reality for the gorgeous and unique art, the real world genetics, and the friendly, helpful community!”

Horse Reality

Horse Reality is a free-to-play realistic horse management game with phenomenal images. Our realistic colour genetics system allows you to breed horses which inherit their colours realistically. You start out with a modest estate that you can grow into something prestigious.


Compete and show your horses. Breed for their for excellent bloodlines or appealing colours. Go to the city to find everything you need to get started. Travel around the world, bargain with players to catch a great deal, try to catch feral horses in wildlife parks.


A horse game packed with opportunities for all ages and interests. Sign up for Horse Reality now and decide which challenge you would like to face!

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Release Date: October 1, 2018

Platform: Browser

Genre: Management, Simulation, RPG, Petsim

Languages: English, Dutch


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